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The politicians have turned government into an immoral parody of democracy. Help us to restore these basic values.

One World, One People

Our mission is ultimately and with high priority to restore the rights of people everywhere to morally correct levels, including their peace and prosperity, to offer single global registration for businesses, to open all borders to free trade and promote sustainable  migration, rather than nationalist discrimination, from and to anywhere, under a new global constitution predefined by morality and a public sector whose costs can be controlled by direct democracy but whose scope must fall within the constraints of morality.

To effect environmental protection programs at a global rather than national level.

To ensure a high global standard of  healthcare.

In particular our game plan is to avoid violence such as is characteristic of revolution and instead implement  a peaceful transition towards our goals.

There may be those who get so angry against the politicians that they cannot control themselves, but as an organisation we will neither support nor avow such behaviour.

Rather we shall pursue a transition in which everyone can find their place in the new system.

In executing the mission, we will be bound to the rules of morality. This means others including personnel of immoral government and any who wish to compete with us will be addressed and tolerated both fairly and with forgiveness.

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The Platform

Morality and Democracy

The essence of morality can be summarised as "Do unto others as you would be done by", as expressed in various religious texts. It has also been proved by mathematicians that the best strategy for the individual also takes the strategies of other players into account.

Life is the most important game, where the stakes are the highest of all.

In Britain, the cry for a new people's vote on Brexit is indicative of the problem that national governments tend to operate contrary to this principle, forming  strategies and laws that take only themselves into account and rarely the interests even of their own citizens into account.

An example is the Basel I legislation of 1994, where a group of the richest governments, in their blinkered focus on conserving central bank reserves, failed to consider how commercial banks would react to Basel I's capital charge on credit. But because the same percentage charge was applied to all debtors, irrespective of creditworthiness, it encouraged investment in higher interest, high risk mortgages. These risks became reality within ten years and later caused the credit crunch of 2008, which drove hundreds of millions of people into poverty.

In the current Brexit process, Article 10 of the draft deal published on 14.11.2018 reveals a conspiracy by self-interested politicians on both sides of the deal, to imprison people in single countries. In fact the evil nationalism that in recent years has crept up behind the EU mask had already been revealed when freedom of movement was undermined some years before by cancelling the provision of continuing welfare to EU internal migrants who lose their job, forcing them to return to their home country of nationality, EU or otherwise, unless they have enough savings to continue to seek work without support.

Before the Euro, Germany's unemployment was rising sharply, because the Deutschmark's gains were hindering exports. In effect the Euro spread this adverse effect of exports across the Eurozone so that more weakly exporting countries had to share in this German burden, with the effect that Germany won from the Euro while other countries lost.

In a morally correct Europe, Germany's gains at the expense of other European countries would be shared back to those countries. But the dark hand of nationalism in Europe seeks instead to punish countries like Italy when all they did was help Germany by sharing its burden in the Euro.

Morality has been understood for millennia and neither needs nor desires redefinition by politicians or even citizens. It is both morally and strategically correct for people to co-operate with foreign people rather than elect a national government of politicians who more than ever before are failing to look beyond their own personal interests when making policy.

Morality and its superior strategy for people's outcomes must therefore be central to any constitution and safe from the interests of politicians. In fact morality, according to some religions, was literally cast in tablets of stone more than three thousand years ago.

On the other hand, democracy is most needed in how taxes are spent. Governments have become reckless with our money, collecting large percentages in taxation but progressively cutting back on services, while conveniently getting into trouble with other countries or fanning foreign flames to justify war and so military spending. Only by giving people the right to choose how their money is spent can people get public services at fair prices making it more affordable to help the poor.

The internet is well-developed enough by now to enhance democracy to such a level. Currently people are inflicted with a fake democracy in which they can only choose which self-interested politicians preside over public service monopolies and these are sometimes converted into private monopolies, often at an even higher cost to the citizens.

The idea behind so-called parliamentary democracy is that different parties represent different sectors of the population. But in Britain, different sectors of the population inhabit the same constituency. Even under proportional representation, it is morally wrong and bad for everyone if a minority is disadvantaged by such a system, especially when that minority might be 48% of the vote. It is also not the best strategy to adopt policies for one group that do not consider how the other group or groups will respond or be affected.

Meanwhile billions are starving at home and abroad or being killed in the crossfire where factions and so-called national interests fight over who governs the area of land they lived in. War is expensive and is waged at the cost of food for ordinary people. North Korea's military-first may be an extreme example of the disadvantage of nationalism on ordinary people, but it is reflexive of a disease of self-interest and disregard of ordinary people, that has infected all governments globally. The only way to prevent war is to take away its prize - to transition towards moral global democracy, free from borders and serving everyone equally.

Blaming problems on generations of immigrants was what caused the holocaust of the Jews in and around Germany. The gas chambers may have gone, but nationalism has meanwhile spread and flourished throughout the world. Racism may have been abolished officially, but nationalism has become more of an upgrade than a downgrade of racism with both diseases taking their effect on the day-to-day practice of public sector policies including welfare, education, human rights and immigration.

If Martin Luther King were alive today his dream would not only strive against  discrimination on the basis of the colour of people's skin, but would have to include discrimination based on the country of their passport.

The excesses of national socialist governments and their duplication of costs in different countries paid for by high taxation creates a false dichotomy between industry and the environment. It is much easier to protect the environment when the economy is strong enough not to require industry to hurt it. In addition, subsidies on green transport are apt to fade and even reverse when greedy governments start to lose more of their fuel taxes. Only cheaper global government can protect the global environment.

Our vision then, is to make morality the new basis of constitution and democracy the freedom of people to choose the best deal in the public sector wherever in the world it is being offered, ensuring that morality and value for money characterise public services and  industry. Environmental programmes can only work in a true global economy that shares burdens and resources throughout the world.

It is therefore our mission, as we continue to build our new infrastructure, to accept anyone into global citizenry in full respect of their privacy and similarly any business into global registration under a constitution predefined by morality and a fiscal system controlled directly by global democracy, at lower cost and sharing the tax savings between taxpayers (reduced taxes also for business), poor people globally through improved global welfare programmes and paying for globally effective protection for the environment.

One world, One people!


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